Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Exclusive Speakers - A good thing for whom?

Exclusive speakers
Some bureaus tout the fact that they have 'exclusive' speakers. This may sound great but for whom does this really benefit?

Quite simply bureaus that have exclusive speakers are putting those 'exclusive' speakers forward much more often and in cases where another speaker may be more suitable. The incentive for the speaker is that they will be put forward much more frequently if they become exclusive.

At ASB, you receive non biased advice from us as we do not have exclusive speakers. In fact, it is not our job to find speakers a certain amount of work. Our job is to hold an in depth briefing process with you, the client, and match the brief by finding the most suitable speaker for your organisation and your event, regardless if the speaker is exclusive or not.

You are the client, not the speaker. Although we have great relationships with all of our speakers, it is our job to listen to your brief and suggest the best speakers for your event. We are not obligated to certain speakers and we don't have to 'push' them on our clients.

Kind regards,
Patrick Sweeney
Managing Director
Australian Speakers Bureau Pty. Ltd.
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